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Computer Literacy and Access

Computer literacy and access has become a necessity in day to day life. It's the way people are expected to access education, health care, and social services. Technical knowledge is required to be able to use the devices as well as the platforms that provide these connections. The internet, Zoom, Google Meets, Drive, email, craigslist, and more are just some examples of what you need to know how to use in order to easily engage with medical providers, social workers, and potential landlords or employers. But not everyone has the access and computer literacy skills to navigate these systems of communication.

Noticing this need in our community, the Family Room joined up with Vermont Adult Learning to develop computer classes with flexible and responsive teaching styles. We are here to support people in what can sometimes be an intimidating process. Learning new skills in a second, third or fourth language can make it even harder.

The Family Room works 1:1 with family members to provide the devices and support ensuring families have internet access, and guided practice with the platforms necessary to stay healthy, emotionally and socially connected, and informed about their child's education.  

For more information, contact Sarah Sinnott:

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